These Four Factors Will Impact The Life Of Your Roofing 

Did you know that commercial roofing can last up to 40 years with the right maintenance and conditions? That’s right, one building can maintain the same roofing for several decades if it is well-suited for the structure, is maintained, and suffers from no several weather events. Many facility managers will be surprised to hear this, especially if their roofing is falling apart. But, the power of proper roofing maintenance should not be underestimated. 

Your commercial roofing plays an important part of your building’s structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and safety during inclement weather. However, these factors will play an important part in whether your roofing adds or subtracts from the overall structure of your building: 

The installation. Choosing a reputable installation contractor is essential in having a roof with extended service life. An inexperienced contractor may miss details that lead to a sagging, leaking, or weak roof structure. Therefore, always look for a contractor who is licensed, insured, and is specialized in roofing installation. 

Roofing materials. Most roofing materials are built to last up to ten years, but not all are made equally. Cheaper roofing material will need more frequent repairs and replacement of shingles. Conversely, high-quality asphalt or metal roofing can last 30 to 40 years when properly maintained. Ask your MaintenX roofer for material recommendations based on your needs. 

Weather-resistance. Some weather events, such as the hurricanes we experience in Tampa, Florida, have no remedy when it comes to roof building. However, some roofing materials are more resistant to snow, rain, or extreme sun exposure. Choose a material and construction plan that will best serve your area’s climate. 

Ventilation and insulation. High temperatures can damage roofing quicker than you might think. Heat can cause warping and cracking of certain roofing materials, so it’s essential to keep your building well-ventilated and insulated to reduce this risk. Proper insulation and ventilation can also help you keep tenants comfortable throughout the year. 

These four factors play an important role in the longevity and strength of your roofing. However, the most important factor will always be your maintenance routine. Even the highest-quality roofing material and installation won’t last if you do not maintain your roofing. Scheduling gutter cleanings, repairs, and annual preventative maintenance checks will help you keep the same roof over your head for decades. 

For more information on roofing maintenance options, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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