Three of the Best Heat-Tolerant Plants for Commercial Facilities

MaintenX is headquartered in Florida, where lush tropical landscapes are abundant. Despite the beauty of the natural terrain in the area, many businesses have trouble keeping their man-made gardens and landscapes alive in the summer. The scorching heat can make it difficult to maintain a lush landscape, but with the help of an experienced landscaping and outdoor maintenance team, it is more than possible. 


Below are the top three flowers we recommend for summer landscaping. They are well-adapted to the summers of Florida and the southeast but can be planted in planters for all types of summer climates. Talk to your MaintenX team about outdoor maintenance of your landscaping using these flowers and shrubs. 



These colorful flowers are perfect for commercial landscaping because they are bright, low-maintenance, and heat resistant. They can handle full sun and take up plenty of space, making these flowering shrubs ideal for entrances or walkways. If you regularly trim them and provide plenty of water, there is no reason you can’t have colorful hibiscus through the summer. 


Vinca flowers

Vincas are native to sandy grasslands, which makes them perfect for coastal properties. They can withstand periods of drought in the summer but will also survive Florida’s rainy periods. These flowers come in different shades of pink, purple, and white, which add a vibrant and cheerful appearance to your front entrance. 



Pentas are commonly found in Florida residential areas because of their vibrant colors and easy maintenance. However, they can be added to commercial landscaping just as easily if you take care of these delicate flowers. They are native to Africa and can grow in Florida’s sandy soils. They are also heat-resistant and will grow all year round with proper care. Be sure to place these near the entrance of your building, because they are stunningly colorful and will immediately attract the eye. 


MaintenX can help you keep up with summer landscaping and maintenance. To learn more about our exterior maintenance services, contact us today!

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