Three Quick Tips for Improving Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

It’s difficult to strike the right balance between preventative maintenance (PM) and run-to-fail or reactive maintenance for large commercial facilities. You don’t want to implement a strictly run-to-fail program because of the enormous risk this strategy takes; however, preventative maintenance is not a simple set-it-and-forget-it strategy either. 

Many preventative maintenance strategies are determined solely by manufacturer recommendations, but your MaintenX team can help tailor your program to your assets’ unique histories and needs. Below are just three ways you can easily improve your PM strategy without starting from scratch: 

Prioritize the right way.

Are you prioritizing PM of non-critical over critical equipment because it’s older or has more problems? Or, are you simply avoiding rearranging your PM schedule and following a list? If so, you’re not doing your building or your maintenance team any favors. Prioritization is the most critical step to making your PM plan work, so go over it with your maintenance technicians to ensure you’re getting the most important work done first. 

Invest in a CMMS software.

A computerized maintenance management software can help you keep track of your assets’ maintenance history, service requests, technician notes, and much more. Without one you’ll likely be fixing the same problems over and over with no information on the root cause. CMMS programs can also ensure that routine maintenance requests don’t fall through the cracks and inconvenience your employees or tenants. 

Review frequency of PM tasks.

Oftentimes, we see facility managers either overscheduling or underscheduling their PM tasks without any real understanding of why they’re doing so. It’s often the case of “that’s what we’ve always done,” rather than a clear understanding of the needs of the asset and its maintenance schedule. If you’re looking to save on maintenance costs and avoid unexpected breakdowns, review this schedule with your maintenance technicians as well. 

MaintenX can help you refine your PM strategy for better asset performance across the board. To learn more about our PM services or to schedule an onsite consultation, contact us today!


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