Three Things You Didn’t Know About HVAC Technicians

In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we face brutally hot summers and rely on our HVAC systems for most of the year. When one stops working, HVAC technicians are our heroes! They come to the rescue to make our homes and businesses livable despite the intense summer heat, and do so without much recognition. 


The life of an HVAC technician is very different from your average office worker. Below are # things you probably didn’t know about your HVAC tech, and why you should be sure to thank them next time you see one: 


HVAC technicians are fully dedicated to their jobs. 

Most maintenance work requires technicians to work late, unpredictable hours as opposed to office work. If someone’s heater goes out in the dead of winter, they may be called early in the morning or after dark to fix it. They often work 10-12 hour days in order to earn overtime and get each job done as quickly as possible. These heroes are 100% dedicated to doing a great job with every service call. 


They are often in great shape. 

HVAC work is physical work, and often requires technicians to crawl into tight spaces or work outside. This means that most technicians, even as they age, stay in great shape throughout their lives. This is a unique perk that helps many technicians live long and healthy lives because of their jobs instead of in spite of their jobs. 


HVAC technicians make an excellent living. 

The average salary for a U.S. HVAC technician is over $75,000, which is great for a career that only requires a two-year education. Plus, technical work cannot be outsourced and isn’t as susceptible to variability during economic downturns. Air conditioning and heating are necessities, which means that even in times of economic struggle, you’ll still have a safe and stable job. 


The work of an HVAC repairman is always exciting and is greatly appreciated by everyone they serve. If you’re interested in starting or advancing a career in the HVAC maintenance field, contact us to learn about our open positions!

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