Five Things You Didn’t Know About Electricians

Electrical work is one of the most dangerous trades in the maintenance field. These humble workers are not only incredibly technically skilled in their craft but are lifesavers to business owners who have lost power after a shutdown or natural disaster. Without hardworking electricians, our entire power grid would go down in a matter of weeks. Their work is often unseen and greatly underappreciated for its importance in our daily lives. 


Unless you know an electrician, much of their jobs are likely a mystery. Below are # things you probably didn’t know about the electrical maintenance field, and reasons why we appreciate them so much at MaintenX:


Master electricians train as long as doctors. 

Electrical work is a delicate and dangerous process. Not only is electricity inherently dangerous to tamper with, but a master electrician needs to be able to diagnose accurately in order to fix problems in large-scale buildings. For this reason, after technician school and an apprenticeship electricians have to undergo extensive on-the-job training before they can operate independently. 


Most electricians specialize in one area.

During technical school, most electricians will be taught the basics of all electrical disciplines. However, during one’s apprenticeship and journeyman years, they often specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, or city lineman work. At MaintenX, we hire commercial electricians who have specialized in working in small businesses and midsize facilities. 


Electrical work is a great challenge every day.

One of the biggest perks of electrical work is the challenges you get to tackle on the job. No two jobs are the same for an electrician, so they are always creatively problem-solving and developing new solutions for their clients. Electrical work is also a very active job, which means most electricians are in great shape. 


Electricians go green. 

Electrical work is one career option to go into if you are passionate about environmental issues. Because electricians are closely tied to the advancement of renewable electrical energy, this is a great option to get involved in hands-on environmental advancements. 


Electricians earn a great living. 

According to Indeed, the average electrician earns around $25/hour and up to $8,000 of overtime in a year. This of course is only the average, however — the more experience you gain in the field, the closer you get to earning six figures or owning your own electrical company. For a career with a low-cost education, this is a great way to earn a living. 


At MaintenX, we appreciate all of the hard work our electricians put in every day to keep businesses safe and operational. If you’re interested in advancing your career as an electrician, visit the MaintenX Careers page today!

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