Three Ways To Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion is a big problem for maintenance workers and facility managers alike. This natural process of degrading and rusting is caused by oxidation from environmental elements, and is a never-ending battle to stop. When corrosion occurs, the structural integrity of your piping and metal appliances is compromised. This can cause major maintenance issues if not dealt with proactively. 

The corrosion of metals is impossible to prevent entirely. Air, water, and other natural elements will inevitably come into contact with your piping and metal equipment; however, there are several ways in which you can minimize their effects. Choosing aluminum and stainless steel, as well as investing in protections for machinery will give you the longest service life for the equipment at your facility. 

Below are three ways in which you can better protect your facility equipment from corrosion. 

Choosing galvanized metal products. Galvanization is the process of adding a zinc coating to steel or iron parts. The zinc prevents corrosion by up to several years or decades. While galvanization is not a process you can perform on existing equipment, choosing products and parts that are galvanized will lead to longer service life. 

Regular leaning. One simple solution you can apply to any metal piece of equipment is proper cleaning and preventative maintenance. When dust, dirt, and grease accumulate on metal parts, the protective coatings begin to wear. When the protective coating vanishes, corrosion happens much more quickly. Schedule regular maintenance checks on metal appliances to ensure they are properly cleaned. 

Protective coatings or sealants. In addition to the protective coating or galvanizing from the manufacturer, you can invest in additional protective layers for your metal products or parts. Protective layers such as paint, lubricants for moving metal parts, and rubber sealants will stave of corrosion for many years. 

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