Three Ways To Reduce Environmental Impacts of Facilities Operations

Environmental sustainability is a hot topic in both the social and corporate world of the United States. As a country, we are leading in green technology development. These developments help modern business not only reduce their environmental impact from “business as usual” practices, but can help improve a business’ bottom line by reducing energy and material waste.

If you want to invest your brand in sustainable facility management, there are many effective practices you can adopt. Below are just three general guidelines we recommend to businesses in order to jumpstart their pledge to environmental sustainability. 

Be ahead of legislation.

It is assumed that as a responsible small business, you are compliant with local, state, and national regulations regarding commercial environmental responsibility. However, you can do much more than complying with minimal emissions controls and waste disposal regulations. As a proactive member of the business community, be willing to adopt new approaches to environmental sustainability. Be a leader as you see trends in legislation, including incentive programs for reducing corporate environmental impact.

Reducing water and material waste. 

Reducing material consumption and recycling waste are some of the best ways to reduce a facility’s environmental impact. Waste is one of the largest contributors to environmental issues in America, and companies can be a part of the solution by reducing material waste and recycling waste when possible. In addition to reducing your environmental impact on the community, you can drastically reduce your disposal costs and better understand your facility’s needs. Recycling of water and other materials can be a game-changer for your eco-conscious facility. 

Using alternative fuels and appliances that reduce your carbon footprint. 

Corporate environmental conservatism is typically measured in carbon output; i.e. the amount of carbon pollution produced at a facility. Investing in alternative fuels and energy sources can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to investing in renewable fuel and energy sources, you can look for ways in which to reduce energy consumption with efficient equipment and appliances. Air-source heat pumps, low-energy lighting, and low-flow faucets are just a few examples of energy-reducing technologies that can be implemented in a commercial facility. 

Remember, change takes time. You’ve made the first step in deciding to commit to environmental sustainability. As you research innovative and cost-effective programs for your business, keep an open mind and think smart before allocating resources to facility upgrades. And, if you’re on the fence about certain facility upgrades, reach out to your local MaintenX team.

AT Maintenx, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability in our business practices. We want to help those who wish to invest in green technology make that transition with proper maintenance and installation services. We are happy to answer your questions at any time. 

Contact MaintenX today to learn about green appliances for your business today. 

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