Tips for Backflow Testing At Your Facility

MaintenX is one of Tampa’s lead providers of backflow evaluation and assembly. Not only do we provide backflow testing services, but we offer resources to understand backflow testing needs for your facility. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in your facility’s backflow testing requirements:

Most large facilities require periodic backflow testing as part of their city’s ordinance. The term backflow refers to water in your piping system that may flow back into the city’s water supply. Water systems are designed to flow in one direction; however, if certain circumstances occur, the pressure in the city water mains can drop below the pressure of your facility’s water mains. If this happens, the water in your facility will backflow into the city’s water supply, effectively contaminating it. 

To prevent this contamination, most commercial facilities are required to have backflow systems, or a Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valve. Facilities with irrigation, fire suppression system, or large boilers are always required, as well as certain factories and commercial facilities. It is also important to know that no facility is exempt or “grandfathered” from not having to have an RPZ valve if their facility meets the requirements. If you’re unsure if your Hillsborough county facility requires backflow testing, you can review the Tampa Code of Ordinances to find out. 

If your facility does require backflow testing, it must be performed by a county-approved evaluator. However, there are things you can do as the facility manager to prepare for backflow testing and ensure the safety of your staff:

  • Invest in up-to-date RPZ valves for your facility – Updating your backflow equipment will ensure you are not only protecting your business but the residents around you. Faulty RPZ equipment puts you at risk for fines, and your local community at risk of using unsafe drinking water. 
  • Perform preventative maintenance on piping systems to prevent water leaks. Water leaks are some of the most common causes of backflow in commercial buildings. If you invest in proper preventative maintenance for your piping systems, you are less likely to experience backflow issues. 
  • Call your maintenance team early to perform routine backflow testing. Certified backflow testing services are not typically scarce, but their schedules will fill up, and you don’t want to get caught with fines and fees for not checking your system on time. Schedule this service in advance to prevent legal issues. 

MaintenX is a certified backflow testing assembly service for Hillsborough county. We are certified to test, report issues, and replace backflow equipment for your Tampa-area facility. If you’re ready to have your system checked for 2020, call us today.