Tips for Recruiting from Community Colleges

Those in the maintenance field know that fewer and fewer young individuals are pursuing maintenance fields as career options after high school. While the increased access to college education has offered many opportunities for the next generation, those who are not interested in pursuing a college degree often don’t know what other options they have. It is important for us in the maintenance field to recruit these young minds and show them what is possible in the trades. 


Below are # proven ways to recruit students from community colleges into a trade school for plumbing, electrical, roofing, and HVAC maintenance:


Encourage confidence. 

Despite the fact that nearly 40% of college students are attending a community college, many believe that their qualifications will be judged more harshly than those graduating from four-year universities. Using language such as “Associates degrees encouraged to apply” and other community-college-friendly terms on applications can help these students feel more confident in their decision to move into the trades. 


Get involved on campus

Community college students are often looking for faster entry into the workforce than those in four-year universities (as many undergraduates are looking toward the future with Master’s or Doctorate degrees). The students will be active looking for job opportunities and will respond well to employers or technical school representatives involved on campus. 


Offer part-time work

Those looking into trade schools often want or need to be able to earn an income quickly with the skills acquired. By offering part-time options during or after school you can offer flexibility for those who do not have unlimited time to dedicate to school. 


Highlight the cost benefits

One of the reasons many people choose technical school over other types of education is the cost benefits. Technical school costs between $5,000 to $15,000 total, whereas a typical college education can cost that much per year. Technical school students also have the option to work while they study, and must often complete apprenticeships that help them line up jobs immediately out of college. This means that technical school students are in less debt and start earning two years ahead of college students, which is a major benefit for those looking to earn more, faster. 


MaintenX is always looking for bright young technical school grads to add to our growing team. If you’re interested in starting your career with MaintenX, visit our careers center for a list of our open positions. 

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