How To Run a More Effective Maintenance Program With Fewer Maintenance Staff

Maintenance planning can be tedious for facility owners and managers, but it is a necessary step for ensuring peak productivity for the rest of the staff. Many times, one of the most difficult aspects of creating an effective maintenance program is determining what staff is needed, and how to reduce labor hours without hurting performance. Labor is the most expensive part of all maintenance programs and should be carefully put together in order for your facility to cut costs. 


There is a way for you to reduce labor costs and improve the efficiency of your maintenance team. Below are three suggestions to help you make the right choices for your staffing: 


Hire specialists.

Hiring an experienced plumber, HVAC technician, or electrician may seem more expensive than a regular handyman, but you save tremendously on ensuring repairs are done right the first time and advanced issues are caught early. A handyman can repair surface issues, but they may not be able to do the root cause analysis that saves your equipment from long-term damage. 


Train internally.

Training goes a long way in ensuring that a pared-down maintenance staff is as effective as a bigger one. Technicians who are highly skilled and understand the ins and outs of your facility can work more efficiently by themselves or in smaller groups and can diagnose problems before they become emergencies. By offering training on facility-specific equipment and working with your maintenance team instead of above them, you can rapidly improve the efficiency of your maintenance team. 


Put a preventative maintenance schedule in place.

One of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your maintenance team is to put a schedule in place for preventative care. Services such as cleaning, tune-ups and regular parts replacement can prevent unwanted emergency repairs. Less staffing is needed to maintain a running piece of equipment than is needed to fix a time-sensitive repair, so the more you invest in preventative maintenance, the less you’ll have to spend overall. 


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