Tips for Maintaining Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

All parts of a business facility are important, but if you are a restaurant or food service company, then maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment is a major priority. You pay for poorly maintained equipment not only in repairs, but in lost inventory as well as downtime. To avoid that, devise a good plan for maintaining your refrigeration equipment through preventative maintenance and thorough cleanings.

The key to effectively maintaining commercial refrigeration equipment is meticulous cleaning. This doesn’t just mean doing a sweep of the inside, it means taking apart the whole machine and cleaning what’s inside as well. This kind of cleaning should be done at least a few times a year, but up to once a month depending on usage.

In addition to cleaning, inspect the vital components regularly and replace them as necessary. This includes coils, fans, motors, ice makers, etc. If the equipment is running inefficiently, you will spend more in energy bills and the risk of breakdown will rise.

Overall, the best thing you can do in maintaining any facility equipment is to devise and execute a preventative maintenance plan. It allows you to plan your hardware expenses, and makes for a safer and more efficient workplace. To learn about how the technicians of MaintenX can assist you with this, please contact us today!