Tips for Maintaining Long-Term Backflow Prevention Programs

Backflow prevention is a necessity for any commercial or business facility, and there are a few different devices that accomplish this. Whichever you use in your facility, a long-term backflow prevention program needs to be well-maintained in order for it to work properly. The most effective method for doing this correctly is regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.

The most important thing you can do to maintain a backflow prevention assembly is to test it at the required times. It’s recommended to test Double check valve (DCV) systems every 3 years and make fixes as necessary. The more complex reduced pressure zone (RPZ) models should be tested once a year, and rebuilt every five. For both types, this ensures that any problems in the systems are identified early on and taken care of before larger problems arise.

Don’t delay in fixing these systems! Backflow failure can contaminate drinking water and cause severe plumbing mishaps, which is dangerous and will cost the business much more in the long run. We at MaintenX excel in running backflow prevention program tests and repairs, so contact us whenever you wish!