Tips to Make Sure Your Parking Lot Doesn’t Flood

Flooding is a dangerous threat to drivers and can also be destructive to your parking lot.

One essential aspect of parking lot maintenance that oftentimes goes unnoticed is its drainage, but it can quickly become the central focus when it rains heavily. The damage isn’t just short-term; even though your parking lot may appear to be in good condition, the water filling it can start to eat away at the sealcoat. This can, over time, let water seep into the pavement itself and start to oxidize and weaken the pavement.

Drainage System

Drainage systems can be constructed beneath your parking lot. Water runs into the subgrade and then drains to a lower gradient, preventing potential flooding before it happens. It’s much easier to prevent structural damage than it is to repair it.

Angled Asphalt

One of the smartest ways to keep water from flooding your parking lot is pouring the asphalt at an angle. By creating a gradient, water won’t pool on your parking lot in the first place.

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