What to Do if Your Facility is Damaged by the Weather

Not only can a weather event destroy your property and damage equipment, but it can also cause injury and even death. Having the proper plans and equipment is essential to ensure your facility and employees aren’t in harm’s way.

Prepare Your Staff

One of the best ways to prepare for weather events is to talk to your employees. Add a weather emergency preparedness discussion to the company schedule. Many people in your facility can no doubt lead a weather event preparedness discussion. Get the conversation started!

To protect your buildings from danger, you have to know the risks. Inform yourself and staff about the hazards that are most likely to affect your area. The more you know about severe weather, the more prepared you will be to act in an emergency.

Facility Damage

The most important factor when faced with water damage is safety. Have contact lists of appropriate local resources posted in common areas of the facility, including fire and police, mechanical contractors, insurance, utility, and restoration companies, and alert the proper authorities immediately.

Whatever the source, a natural disaster can wreak havoc on your facility, endangering your most important assets. Having a disaster plan in place and familiarity with your insurance policies is vital to long-term success. Taking the time to review these best practices will help ensure swift action when needed to get your facility back in good working order again.