Trends in Sustainable Building Design

In an effort to help preserve the environment, many building designers and architects are going green and incorporating ways to conserve energy in new construction projects. This practice, known as sustainable building design, is a trend that is on the rise and has the potential to improve your company’s profits. Green construction offers eco-friendly solutions to decrease energy consumption and improve the environment.

Here are a few trends in sustainable building design:

Many architects are incorporating alternative methods of generating energy into their building designs – such as solar panels and windmills. Using these renewable forms of energy, you can cut down on power use, reducing your power bills. Natural insulations and eco-friendly concrete alternatives are also large-scale changes that can help your building project go green.

In addition, you can take a number of smaller steps to make your operation more energy efficient. For example, new appliances are getting better – and many are getting closer to net-zero energy use. Whether you install eco-friendly refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers, these products help conserve energy consumption. Self-adjusting thermostats can also save a business or homeowner on heating and cooling use and keep more money in your wallet.

Water efficiency can also help with sustainable building design. Installing low-flow water fixtures in bathrooms can reduce water consumption dramatically. Water reclamation systems allow a home or business owner to gather rainwater for use on the property. Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots of plants, rather than wasting it above the surface. These solutions for water efficiency continue to conserve and reuse water and are in high demand.

Sustainable building design is an increasingly popular practice for both businesses and homes alike. The demand for green building is on the rise and clients are clamoring for low energy use solutions in new construction. To learn more about these kinds of eco-friendly solutions and the maintenance services MaintenX offers, please call us at 855-751- 0075.