Types of Water-Cooling Systems: Closed-Loop Dry System with Trim Cooling

Put simply, a closed-loop dry water-cooling system with a trim cooler is a closed-loop dry system, but with the addition of an auxiliary liquid-to-liquid cooler. This type of water-cooling system is most commonly used in hot, dry areas where regular closed-loop systems would not work effectively without the addition of trim cooling equipment. Using this added liquid-to-liquid trim cooler, the building owner or maintenance manager can “trim” the temperature to the ideal range for peak operation.



It can deliver coolant temperatures significantly lower than a closed-loop dry system can manage by itself.

The addition of a trim cooler ensures that your system maintains peak performance when temperatures reach levels that a closed-loop system alone would not be able to handle.

Some other benefits include:

Close to 100% reduction in water use

Negligible dirt build-up in the system

Elimination of algae and bacteria (a common problem for open, tower-based systems)

Offers protection from both extreme hot and cold temperatures

Compliance with most federal and state environmental regulatory codes

The lowest operational costs compared to similar water cooling system types



A closed-loop dry system with a trim cooler comes with all the drawbacks of the closed-loop dry system. In addition, this system requires additional coolant during the hottest times of the year. As with any liquid cooling system, it also requires periodic maintenance.

For many applications, trim cooling is a welcome addition to a closed-loop dry water cooling system and allows it to be used in places where a traditional liquid-to-liquid system won’t work.