Using Drone Photography for Your Business

At MaintenX, we specialize in all things roofing. In recent years, this has expanded to aerial photography and drone photography for our commercial clients. We began using this as a means for inspecting roofing and providing in-depth technical diagnoses for large-scale buildings. However, our services have expanded to include drone and aerial photography for all kinds of commercial purposes.

Drone photography may seem like a luxury to most small businesses, but there are many applications in which it can be useful to your business or commercial real estate investment. Below are just a few of the ways our clients utilize drone photography to help their businesses prosper:

Real Estate Listings

If you’re preparing to sell a commercial property, aerial photography is a must. While a traditional photographer can help you capture interior details, an aerial photography service allows you to provide a complete picture of the property. Showcase the breathtaking views of your property or the expansiveness of the lot for sale by capturing more than what a camera on the ground can capture.


Inspections were among the first services we provided for clients to help them catch roofing and other maintenance issues that they don’t typically inspect. Drone footage makes the facility inspection process much faster and keeps maintenance techs safely on the ground until an issue is detected.

Data Collection and Orthomosaics

Drone footage can be used for collecting data or surveying land for development, industrial, or tech applications. We use drone footage for orthomosaics (similar to Google Earth imaging) as well as land surveying or data collection from industrial sites. This can help you improve efficiency and more accurately plan for new construction on undeveloped land.

Construction Site Monitoring

Managing a large construction site can be incredibly difficult, especially if multiple buildings are in the plans. Aerial photography allows you to monitor progress and provide visual representations of progress to investors and stakeholders.

If you are interested in what MaintenX has to offer, contact your local team to learn about drone photography services in your area!

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