Water Intrusion Repairs for Commercial Facilities

Water intrusion is one of the most serious problems a facility manager can face. Unlike other types of damage, it can take weeks to repair the full extent of the damage from flooding or water intrusion. Water issues spread quickly and cause both damage to the structure of your facility as well as health risks to tenants and employees. This is not a problem you want to leave unaddressed under any circumstance. 

Water intrusion may occur due to natural flooding, a pipeline break, leaks, or faults in the construction of the building leading to excess moisture. Whether you are dealing with a serious flood or excess humidity causing mold, there are several ways to remedy the problem before it becomes dangerous. Here’s what we recommend: 

Roofing Maintenance

Proactively preventing water intrusion from above is much easier than reactively repairing the damage it has caused. Water intrusion prevention can be as simple as scheduling regular roof inspections and gutter cleaning. Your roof sealants and flashings should be inspected to ensure there is no damage that could lead to a leak. 

Exterior Building Maintenance

Often, water intrusion is minor and can go undetected for several days or weeks until damages occur. You will want to inspect the outside of your facility; this includes monitoring the condition of weep screeds and weep holes . Drainage areas should be regularly cleaned. You may also want to consider ancillary measures or facility renovation if you are having trouble managing watershed during storms. 

Interior Building Maintenance

Water damage can also occur from inside the building itself. Plumbing and HVAC systems are at  risk of leaking and must be inspected regularly to ensure a leak does not result in substantial water intrusion. If you notice leaks, smells, mold, or mildew around plumbing or HVAC sites, contact your maintenance team immediately.

MaintenX provides top of the line maintenance service to prevent and treat water intrusion at every level. We offer emergency services in the case of flooding and natural disaster, as well as preventative maintenance to keep minor water intrusions at bay. To learn more about our services and pricing, contact your local MaintenX team.

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