Ways to Improve Your Reception Area or Foyer

A great deal of time is spent designing most front reception spaces for businesses. A waiting room or reception area should be a place where customers can relax, unwind, and learn about your business while they wait for service. Whether you’re operating an auto service center or a medical facility, the reception area should be a place where you spend a great deal of time planning and designing for the optimal customer experience. 

Follow these four tips to make your waiting area a comfortable, relaxed, and inviting environment for all visitors: 

Add fresh scents. 

Your reception area makes the first impression on customers, and you can make it a memorable one with a fresh scent. Many memories are made in association with smells, so if your front entrance has a plug-in air freshener or candle, you’re likely to make a positive memory every time with customers. 

Spend time decorating. 

The decor you choose should not only make your reception area more functional, but also more beautiful. Don’t be afraid to add color, works of art, and decorative elements such as flowers or sculptures to make your waiting area inviting and pleasing to look at. While a plain reception room will serve its purpose, it won’t make the positive impression on your guests that a well-thought-out one will. 

Provide comfortable seating. 

Arguably the most important element of a waiting area is its seating. Your guests don’t want to wait in uncomfortable chairs, so invest in quality seating that is well-spaced out for guest comfort. 

Add signs for restrooms and important departments within the building. 

Many customers will not want to wait to find areas of your building such as a returns counter, restrooms, or service desk. You can help direct them with obvious signs for these various areas of your store, thus expediting the experience for them and reducing demand on your reception staff. 

These principles can apply to any building, whether you’re designing a medical center, restaurant, or retail store. If you’d like more tips and tricks for commercial interior design, visit our Resource Center. 

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