What are the Benefits of Standing Desks?

You almost certainly know that sitting too much is terrible for our health and minds.  Using a stand up desk at work can provide a lot of benefits to our overall health and our mental health and the quality of our work.

Here’s how:

Inhibits Neck Strain

Sitting for a long time often means craning your neck toward your computer screen. Standing up at work tends to lengthen your spine and restores the natural shape to your spine. Using a laptop stand can improve your posture over time.

Decreases Shoulder Pain

In the same way, constantly sitting with poor posture hunches our shoulders over time, which can be pretty painful. Standing at an ergonomic desk makes your shoulders go back to a natural, more-balanced position.

Energy Boost

Standing at your desk rather than sitting can feel like a giant cup of coffee.  Standing means more blood flow and more oxygen to your muscles, giving you a natural energy boost.

Increases Productivity

Since using a standing desk increases blood flow (AND increasing your energy levels), you can get more done in less time!

Lowers Cholesterol

Anything that keeps our bodies from going “offline” means a healthier life and workplace. Standing for just two hours when you would normally sit puts your cholesterol at a healthier level.

Brain Power

Better circulation makes more oxygen available to your brain. This means you may stay sharper and be able to focus on tasks for longer periods of time.  One big advantage of standing is that it can help you evade ordinary mental fatigue.