What Is A Water Jetting Plumbing System?

Clogged pipes, lines, and drains are a facility’ manager’s worst nightmare. A minor blockage can turn into major plumbing repair if not diagnosed quickly. And, unlike HVAC or electrical issues in a building, plumbing problems can oftentimes cause shutdowns for up to several days. While most facility managers know that preventative maintenance is important in plumbing, it typically takes an emergency overflow or similar disaster for the plumbing contractor to receive a call. 

You can better protect your facility from unwanted plumbing problems with a water jetting service. Similar to snaking your pipes, water jetting removes blockages in your plumbing and ensures backups don’t happen. However, water jetting is a more efficient and effective form of cleaning your pipes for several reasons. 

Unlike snaking which hooks and drags debris out of your pipes, water jetting uses high-pressure water to blast out blockages and send them down the sewage lines. This helps to remove not only solid objects, but will effectively remove grease, sand, sludge, or algae. These soft blockages often cause more persistent problems than a solid mass. Snakes can usually remove these quickly, but water jetting ensures that buildup doesn’t occur in your pipes and cause permanent damage. 

Other benefits of water jetting include: 

  • Penetrating grease and oils
  • Breaking up mud, sand, and sludge
  • Pulverizing roots and debris
  • Breaking down hardened scale
  • Flushing out contaminants

Water jetting is an effective form of plumbing maintenance but must be done by a professional every time. If your plumbing has been damaged, the high pressure of the water may cause a line break or other damages. Contact a professional plumbing contractor to discuss your options and water jetting schedule. 

MaintenX provides affordable, effective water jetting and other plumbing preventative maintenance services. We work in 13 states to provide the best in service for commercial facilities of every shape and size. For more information on water jetting plumbing systems, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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