What is the Difference between Energy and Utility Audits?

What are Energy Audits?

An energy audit typically involves a visit to your facility by a technician who assesses the efficiency of your facility’s energy consumption. This technician will walk around your facility, survey the property and point out areas where energy is being wasted.

An energy audit’s goal is to:

  • Create a reference point for efficient energy use
  • Gauge energy usage effectively
  • Benchmark consumption compared to other facilities operating in the same field and conditions
  • Find opportunities to reduce energy consumption and utility costs

What is a Utility Audit?

Electric and gas statements often contain billing errors. Utility bill audits can provide substantial monthly utility savings.

A utility audit is different from an energy audit in that a walkthrough of your facility is not required. Typical utility audits start with an preliminary review based on a facility’s recent utility bill. The technician will then look for billing errors, and then recommend a detailed audit, if one is needed. The audit process usually takes one to two days.

After the initial audit, the auditor will then:

  • Work with your utility provider to assemble relevant paperwork
  • Correct any billing errors
  • Request any required refund from your utility provider
  • Only get paid AFTER you’ve been credited with the refund

It’s essential that utility bill audits review all parts of a facility’s operations. This will maximize the benefits of the audit and save your facility the most money.

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