Security Updates Coming in 2019

As a new year begins, it’s the perfect time to look ahead. Here are some of the emerging security trends coming in 2019.

Privacy is Key

Privacy will become an increasingly important factor in 2019. Data breaches and server hacks aren’t going away any time soon, so expect an increasingly complex system of privacy laws, programs, and company and international policies this year.

If companies want to keep up with the competition, they’ll have to integrate broad privacy initiatives into their business models and processes. This is especially true in the realm of customer data security.

Out with the Old

Though many companies still use them, Windows 2000 and XP are now more of a security threat than they are an asset. What’s more, Microsoft has stopped providing security patches for both operating systems.

If you haven’t done so already, 2019 is a perfect time to make the leap to a newer OS. Windows 7 is generally well-tolerated in most corporate environments, and is backward-compatible with XP and 2000 programs. The important thing, though, is that Microsoft still provides regular security updates for them.

Security Awareness Training

As the security landscape gets more complicated, companies will need to ramp up their security awareness programs. Every day, new ways of accessing your sensitive data are being invented. That’s why, to protect your information, your employees, your customers, and your reputation, it is vital that everyone in your company knows the threats and how to avoid them.

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