What is the Scope of Growth in Facility Management Services?

Facility Management encompasses methods and practices of building management and infrastructure management. It integrates people, places, processes, and various technologies to keep the physical side of a company running smoothly, allowing it to focus on its business.

The Facility Management services market has entered a high maturity phase, owing to an increasing awareness with end-users, though the market will continue to grow fairly steadily. High infrastructure development has led to increased demand for more specialized vendors who have the skill to operate in both technical and non-technical functions within a given business.  

There is a growing recognition that facility management contributes to the health and well-being of the employees, customers, and clients who work within their buildings, thus increasing efficiency, happiness, productivity, and profitability—key aspects of any business’s bottom line.

Ever-changing work styles have significantly affected both employee behavior and the vacancy rate of buildings, which affects how buildings operate. Facility Management continues to face the many challenges that come from open office environments, increasingly open work schedules and hours of operation, and shifting occupancy rates.

These trends, however, don’t stand alone as influencers of Facility Management, but they have strong connections to it. The most successful Facility Managers will be those who can proactively meet the challenges of current trends while not getting lost in the process.