What things are included in Facility Management?

Facility Management encompasses numerous strategies to ensure the functionality of a building by integrating people, process, and technology.

Professional Facility Management as a business function has the objective of coordinating facilities and the services offered or needed within a public and private organization.

Facility Managers are busy people, and sometimes that gets in the way of other necessary actions. They can sometimes neglect the fundamentals while chasing a new trend.

Usually a Facility Manager’s role can be split into two areas: ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ services. The hard  services are about the actual structure of a building and its systems like:

– Building fabric maintenance

– HVAC repair and maintenance

– Ensuring proper operations and efficiency

– Safeguarding workers

– Meeting safety and building codes and government regulations

– Decoration & furniture refurbishment

– Elevator and escalator maintenance

– Fire safety system maintenance

– Plumbing & drainage maintenance

– Minor project management

– Overseeing remodeling projects

Soft services include:

– Cleaning

– Recycling

– Security

– Pest control

– Grounds maintenance

– Waste disposal

– Internal plants

In addition, a FM must be in charge of tracking and responding to environmental, health, safety and security regulations, anticipating future facility needs in areas as diverse as fluorescent lights, new space for expanded assembly lines, automation, and wiring for new computer networks.

Facility Management is a critical part of any organization’s day-to-day operations, assisting in its core business by providing a safe and effective environment in which to operate.