What is Total Productive Maintenance?

Most industrial production is done with the help of machines. When a mechanical breakdown happens, this will inevitably have an effect on the overall productivity of your facility, leading to a loss in profit.

Total productive maintenance (TPM) is one way of maintaining and refining the quality and consistency of production of:

  • Machines
  • Equipment
  • Employees
  • Supporting Processes

Total Productive Maintenance can be of great value and its target is to expand and streamline the core business processes of your company.

Why use Total Productive Maintenance?

Total Productive Maintenance is designed to:

  • Avoid waste in an ever-changing economy
  • Produce goods efficiently without sacrificing quality
  • Reducing overall production costs
  • Virtually eliminate the production of defective products

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is one of the most successful and time-honored systems in industrial settings. This is a daily maintenance system (cleaning, inspecting, oiling, and re-tightening equipment), designed specifically to maintain the optimum condition of equipment and prevent failure through refreshing and replacing small parts as needed, periodic scheduled inspection or thorough equipment condition analysis to measure the level of facility and equipment decline.

Just as a human’s life is extended by preventive medical care and regular doctor’s visits and check-ups, the life of service equipment and facility features can be prolonged by doing regular preventive maintenance.


Total productive maintenance helps workers care for the equipment and machines they use daily. This process can reduce costs while improving efficiency.

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