What is Water Autonomy?

Today’s green-savvy customers look for companies who take steps to be more climate-friendly. Taking such steps doesn’t just improve your brand’s public image, it can also become a positive part of companies’ internal culture while cutting costs.

By doing more with less, facilities that use greener alternatives to everything from their lighting to their energy sources create a healthier and happier environment for workers.

Below are a few methods to lower your facility’s environmental impact while saving you money.


Facilities today have the ability to reuse, recycle, or compost almost all solid waste they generate. Despite this fact, much of the food we throw out ends up in landfills. Composting programs encourage workers to put food waste into compost bins located throughout their facility. Composting can help your facility save money, increase employee happiness, and send a positive message to customers.


Many of today’s facilities have equipped themselves with smart technology. Smart technology allows facility managers to augment individual rooms’ temperatures and lighting individually. Other smart tech like digital restroom dispensers can provide real-time information about dispenser refill levels while informing cleaning staff of when and where they should service or refill them.

Taking small steps like these can help your company get a little greener without breaking the bank. By educating your staff about the importance of waste reduction while striving to lower your facility’s environmental impact, you can help create a more sustainable and brighter future.