What Is “Whole Building Design” And How Can It Improve Your Facility’s Energy Efficiency

You may be asking yourself what “Whole building design” means and how can it save you money. The Whole Building Design approach looks at all major attributes of a building and optimizes them to be efficient, sustainable, durable, and safe, which saves money for the consumer as well. In order to achieve a design like this, many different disciplines come together. Your Facility, with a build like this, will be almost self-sufficient when it comes to energy.

Energy-efficient facilities are less expensive to operate as well as environmentally friendly. If you aren’t ready to go the Whole Building Design route, there are many ways to upgrade the build you already have. Insulation is a key component to heating and cooling – you can upgrade to energy-efficient windows and doors as well as HVAC systems and water heaters, and thermostats that can sense when specific rooms are empty or if the building is empty and adjust the temperature accordingly.

There are many ways to start small and turn your facility into a money-saving environmentally friendly green machine.

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