What To Do After A Facility Fire: How To Help Your Business Recover

Building fires are a business owner’s worst fear realized. They are a terrible disaster that causes harm to your employees, patrons, and to the business you’ve worked so hard to build. While insurance can help you receive financial losses, there are intangible losses that even the best policies can’t cover.

While a building fire can be catastrophic, it doesn’t have to be the end of your flourishing business. Below are the best strategies to implement immediately after a fire to help your business have a speedy recovery:

Turn off utilities. 

Until the building can be professionally inspected, it’s best to play it safe and turn off all utilities including electric, gas, and water. Fires can cause serious mechanical and electrical damage to a facility which poses risks for further damage. By removing these hazards completely, you can be sure your fire damage stays at a minimum.

Collect as much documentation as possible. 

Once the building has been cleared, try to recover as many documents as possible, including insurance policies, inventory records, business licenses, and employee documents. You will also want to organize documentation in relation to the fire, including police reports and insurance updates to ensure you can contact the right people for help.

Invest in security. 

A vacant building can be a target for theft and vandalism if not properly attended. You can invest in private security as well as request an increased police presence after the fire. Many police departments will be happy to check on your block in the weeks after the fire to prevent unwanted intruders. However, private security including cameras or temporary fencing can also help you protect your building.

Move to a temporary location.

Even with an insurance payout, your business will be struggling financially after a fire. If possible, look for temporary locations for your facility if you are able to open quickly. Some business types such as food service and smaller retail locations may be able to open mobile units or rent out smaller facilities to keep the cash flow going while repairs are being made. Continuing online services and sales can also help you weather the storm until your storefront is repaired.

MaintenX is here to help after a fire with emergency maintenance services, repairs, and new installation for all commercial applications. If you have questions or need urgent help, contact us today.

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