Calming Colors for Your Office Space

Ready to give your office a fresh face? Perhaps you’re looking for ways to increase productivity or to renovate your building for a completely new tenant. If you’re ready to renovate your office space for a completely modern look, the first choice you should make is whether or not to repaint your walls.

In many ways, your choice of paint can influence the way your office space is perceived. It can even have tangible effects on productivity and shopping behavior. Color choice can be critical in places like medical facilities, where the guests are often in an emotional state and can be triggered further by surroundings. High-stress environments can be countered by calming colors to make your building a more inviting space for everyone involved.

Below are the most popular calming office colors for 2022 that you can use in your next renovation:

Sky blue

Blue is the most common office color because it is scientifically proven to calm the senses. Blue is a naturally familiar color and is found in logos for finance and tech industries because of its formal appearance. A sky blue, however, is cheerful and calming, which can elevate the mood of your staff and customers.

Mint green

Green is another naturally calming color, as it reminds us of forest scenery and is found in most of our surroundings. Light green with a blue undertone can be uplifting and soothe the senses. It is also associated with cleanliness, making mint green a perfect option for medical facilities or other places where sanitization is considered essential.

Sage gray

Gray is a common color in office spaces, but can be seen as cold and harsh if it is too dark or has a blue undertone. A sage gray, on the other hand, has a green undertone and is softer than slate grays. This color works well as an accent with other warm-toned greens and blues.


Purple can also be a calming color, but a purple that is too saturated can be overwhelming in the office space. Lilac (cool-toned) or mauve (warm-toned) is more suitable for office spaces, especially for businesses geared toward women such as beauty salons or OB/GYN offices.

These colors can uplift your office space without making it overwhelming on a daily basis to staff and patrons. With the right combination, you can boost productivity and create a space that is homey and welcoming to all.

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