What To Do During a Plumbing Emergency

At one point during your facility management career, you are likely to come across a plumbing emergency for your facility. Whether it is a minor leak or a disaster that warrants a shutdown, as the leader of your maintenance team you want to be prepared for the unexpected. Plumbing emergencies not only compromise employee health but can be incredibly costly if not handled correctly. Below are five things you need to do as soon as you notice a plumbing problem at your facility: 


Turn off the water immediately. 

The first thing to do in a plumbing emergency is turn off the water source as soon as possible. This will stop the damage from spreading, or at least minimize the leak or pipe burst from causing extreme issues. While it may cause some short-term inconvenience, you’ll be glad you did this when your entire floor isn’t flooded. 


Call your plumber.

Once the water is turned off to prevent further issues, the next step is to call your MaintenX plumber. You shouldn’t wait to see if you can identify the issue or fix it yourself. In all likelihood, you’ll need to call your plumber no matter what, and the more time you wait, the longer you’ll be without water or restroom facilities. Call your plumber within minutes of realizing the emergency to ensure you get the fastest service. 


Turn off the water heater. 

Once the main line is off, you’ll also need to turn off the water heater to prevent overheating. The heater may even be the source of the issue, so it’s important to reach it or notify your plumber if you’re unable to do so as soon as they arrive. 


Call the city to determine if there’s an issue with the main lines.

Sometimes plumbing issues are caused by the city’s main water lines rather than the system within the facility itself. If you have not been notified of an issue yet, contact the city to determine if they are aware of any issues. They may cover the costs or even send their own plumber out to fix the issue. 


Backtrack to determine the cause of the issue. 

During a plumbing emergency, often information is difficult for the plumber to obtain. Facility managers can get flustered in the heat of the moment, but you need to provide as much background information as possible in order to help them diagnose the issue. Talk to employees and determine any prior plumbing issues that may have led to the emergency. With this information, you can help your plumber fix the issue sooner. 


MaintenX will always be there for your plumbing emergencies and preventative care service. To learn more about ways to prevent plumbing emergencies at your facilities, contact us today!

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