What To Do If Your Heater Blows Cold Air

Temperature control is a major task for facility managers, yet one that is often overlooked. In large factories, fluctuations in heating and AC can affect product outcomes. A change in temperature can also disrupt warehouse productivity, or make a workforce very dissatisfied. So, when your heater goes out in the middle of winter, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. 

In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we may be several months away from true cold weather. However, before the change of season gets too close, you’ll want to run a diagnostic on your HVAC system to make sure it’s prepared for the chilly season. Detecting problems early is key to minimizing downtime at your facility. 

While routine preventative maintenance checks can usually prevent HVAC issues, sometimes the unavoidable breakdown will occur. If you find yourself in an emergency heater situation, here are a few steps you can take to keep staff and tenants warm:

Wait a few minutes for the heater to warm. 

If your staff is complaining of cold air just as they walk into the building, they may just have to be patient. HVAC systems circulate air from the environment and either warm or cool it depending on the difference in temperature between the environmental air and thermostat setting. This process will take a few minutes, meaning that it will blow cold air initially until the system has had time to warm up. Before you jump the gun and call a maintenance technician, wait 10 to 20 minutes to see if it warms up on its own. 

Check your thermostat. 

There is always the possibility that your thermostat, not your heater, is to blame for cold air blowing in winter. You may need to change the batteries or switch the thermostat from ‘fan’ to ‘heat’ if it’s the first time you’ve had to turn it up this year. If the thermostat setting is a frequent point of contention among your staff, you may want to look into smart thermostat installations to optimize both comfort and energy use. 

Check the air filter. 

Air filters are often the culprit when a heater is blowing cold air. For your heater to function properly, environmental air needs to be able to flow freely through the filter. If it is congested with dust and dirt, your heater will function less efficiently. Your MaintenX HVAC technician will typically replace air filters during preventative maintenance checks. If you haven’t scheduled a visit from us in a while, you may want to check your filter and replace it.    

If none of these simple solutions fixes your problem, it’s time to call a MaintenX professional. You may have a dead circuit board, a damaged motor, or problems in your ductwork that need a deft hand to resolve. We are always here to help with your HVAC and other maintenance issues.