What to Do When Your Facility Has Exterior Graffiti

Graffiti can be a serious problem for facilities of any size, anywhere in the world. This type of vandalism is not only unattractive and harmful to the reputation of your property, it can also cause recurring incidents – once graffiti appears on your property, vandals often come to view it as an easy target.

The first step in defending your facility from graffiti is to have it removed rapidly and skillfully, in order to prevent encouraging future delinquents from damaging your building. Graffiti removal processes can vary depending on what was used to make the graffiti.

When in doubt, speak with a professional painting contractor.

If your facility is a common target for trespassers, then you might want to think about applying exterior anti-graffiti paint. These types of paints stop spray paint from penetrating exteriors and allow quick removal – you can wash it off instead of painting over it.

The two main kinds of anti-graffiti paint are sacrificial coatings and long-lasting ones. Both are invisible when applied to any outdoor surface. This makes them perfect for painted and natural surfaces alike.

Permanent coatings typically never need to be reapplied. This type of paint forms a protective layer over the exterior paint which spray paint can’t bond to. Graffiti that is sprayed onto a permanent coating can then be easily removed with a solvent that will not cause harm to the protective coating, saving your facility’s precious property from expensive repair.

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