What You Need To Know About Roofing Walk Pads

Most commercial roofing utilizes walk pads for protection of the roofing and for safety. These walk pads create a barrier between the roofing and workers who may have to walk on it, such as roofing specialists and HVAC repairmen. Otherwise, walking on the bare roof may cause damage over time. Typically, these walk pads are made of similar material to the roof and lead to the roof’s HVAC units or ventilation sites. 


While we recommend adding walk pads to your roofing, you need to do so strategically. Below are some tips we recommend for optimal installation of walk pads for your roofing: 


Install sparingly

Walk pads protect your roofing against long-term damage, which makes them a necessary part of preventative maintenance. However, they can become expensive if you decide to cover your rooftop with them. We recommend reducing your expenses by only adding walk pads en route to areas where repairs will be most needed such as to your rooftop HVAC system or rooftop drainage. 


Create a direct line from the access point to our HVAC system.

Most repairmen won’t notice the pathway you lay out for your walk pads immediately. They will simply make a beeline for the HVAC system or area of the roofing that needs repair. For this reason, we suggest designing your walk pads for practicality rather than in an aesthetic pattern. 


Ensure proper water drainage.

Unfortunately, walk pads can impede water drainage of your roofing system if too many are installed. If you install walk pads, make sure you have proper water drainage and a system in place to clean it regularly. Your walk pads will do no good if your roof is having water damage issues instead. 


Consider cover board

If you have a lot of surface area to cover and are concerned about the price of walk pads, a cover board may also be an option for your roofing system. This layer will protect the roofing membrane and is typically less expensive per square foot than walk padding. Talk to your MaintenX professional about this option for your roofing system. 


There are many different ways to protect your roofing from foot traffic and exterior damage. If you’d like to learn more about roofing maintenance and repairs, contact your local MaintenX today! We are always happy to help with all your roofing needs. 

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