Who Manages and Maintains Public Facilities?

Public facilities are designated for functions related to the health and well-being of the people in a specific area.

So, public services and facilities have a big impact on the quality of life residents and others enjoy while using them. Quality public services are key elements for a sustainable community mad can reduce crime while increasing general community safety.

Facility Maintenance maintains public facilities like:

– parks

– recreational facilities

– swimming pools

– office buildings

– warehouses

– libraries

– park irrigation systems

– lighted trail systems

– parking lots

– bridges

– tunnels

– stairways

– overpasses

The work groups which form a public maintenance force are comprised of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers who perform maintenance work, such as graffiti removal, on public properties.

Facility Maintenance handles repair requests and performs scheduled preventative maintenance. The range of building maintenance includes:

– lock and keys

– door and window replacement and repair

– structural framing and repair

– drywall repair

– painting

– plumbing

– heating and cooling

– lighting

– emergency generator operation

– electrical problems

– etc.

Public Facilities is usually managed by a Facility Management team usually led by a Facility Manager or a Director of Facility Management. For large institutions, usually, there is an additional team which works directly with the client and their representatives.

Who uses Public Facilities?

Many public institutions take advantage of Public Facilities’ services, like:

– Schools

– Hospitals

– Roads

– Railways

– Libraries

– Post Offices

– Courthouses

– Parks

– Government Administrative Offices

– Prisons

– Local

Public Facilities Management has a broad scope and is very important to the health and safety of communities.