Why would you hire a Facilities Manager?

Different businesses have different facility needs. You may have an office, many offices, a floor, or ten floors within a single building. Some buildings may be found in an urban setting or freestanding in a suburban or rural area.

No matter how you cut it, the facility is the physical place where your business activities are conducted, and it needs to be maintained so your business will run smoothly. So make a facilities management plan that meets the needs and demands of your specific building and business, and designate someone qualified to implement that plan. Enter the Facilities Manager.

Facilities Manager Responsibilities

Facility Managers have a lot on their plate. Their duties include:

– Monitoring the efficiency of an organization

– Ensuring that the business receives maximum value for its facility-related expenditures

– Procuring real estate, leasing (or facility construction, renovation, and relocation)

– Monitoring all aspects of the facility maintenance so that the business can operate at highest capacity.

– Tracking and responding to environmental, health, safety and security regulations.

– Anticipating future facility needs in areas as diverse as lighting, new space for expanded assembly lines, – and automation.

– Educating the workforce about standards and procedures.

Cost Savings:

Cost—short and long-term—is one of the biggest factors in any company’s decision-making process. The largest cost a company will face, apart from labor, is occupancy, so it makes sense that someone should manage those costs professionally to prevent money from slipping through the cracks.

Do you need a facility manager?

The decision to hire a facility manager is determined by the stage of growth and productivity of your staff and overall business. But it is something you should seriously consider. It can end up saving you and your company a lot of money while increasing efficiency.