Why Choose Polymer Roofing for Historic Buildings?

Historic buildings are some of the trickiest sites for us to work on as commercial contractors. While we want to preserve the historic integrity of these buildings and keep them as true to their original form as possible, we also want the best in technology for our customers. Finding the right balance of modern technology with historic preservation efforts can be tricky, but is well worth the effort. 

Historic roofing is one sector in commercial construction that has made great strides in this area. Historical preservationists often want to keep the natural slate or wood shake roofing on historic buildings for as long as they can, but this can pose safety hazards for the building and leave it less energy-efficient for modern appliances. The lack of proper insulation can make these roof types struggle to cope with modern heating and cooling needs, and can even become a greater fire risk. But, there is an alternative on the rise that is becoming more and more popular with historical preservationists. 

Polymer roofing is a new option for historic buildings that preserves the structural integrity of the building itself while maintaining the same look of different periods throughout American architecture. Polymer roofing can be designed to look like natural slate or wood shakes, but provides a much more durable installation with modern flashing that will ensure the roof is well-insulated, safe, and built to last as long as other modern roofing options. Other benefits of polymer roofing include: 

  • Decreased fire and natural disaster hazards as compared to original historic roofing
  • Increased roofing lifespan
  • Comparable aesthetic appeal to wood shake or slate roofing
  • Reduced risk of water damage due to improper insulation
  • Increased energy-efficiency
  • Value-add option for commercial property

Historical sites across the country are using polymer roofing to create the look and feel that old stone and wood shake roofing had, but with every bit of durability, that modern roofing provides. If you’re interested in restoring a historic commercial building with this modern roofing tech, contact MaintenX today! We offer expert roofing repair and restoration services from coast to coast. 


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