Why LED Conversion Matters (Not Just to Save Energy)

LEDs have long been replacing conventional lighting for many reasons: longer lifespans, reduced energy consumption, and fewer maintenance requirements are just a few. As the cost of LEDs continues to plummet, more homeowners and facility managers are replacing their existing lighting systems with LEDs. Below are some things to consider before you take the LED plunge.

Heat Reduction

Simply put, LEDs are cool lights. They don’t produce infrared radiation, virtually eliminating any heat from the bulb. If you’ve ever burned your hand changing an incandescent bulb, you can see the benefit of this. This also allows LED fixtures to be placed in places where heat could create a problem, and saves power that would otherwise be spent on cooling.


LED lights turn on immediately, which makes it a perfect choice for public infrastructure uses like traffic lights.

LEDS: A Greener Option

LEDs come without the environmental problems posed by traditional light sources like fluorescent or mercury lights. Both of these light sources have mercury inside the bulb, meaning they need special handling at the end of their lifespans. LEDs contain no toxic chemicals, last much longer, and can be disposed of in a safer manner.

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