Why Maintenance Vocabulary Standards Are Necessary

The words we use are more important than we often think. While this is certainly true in academic fields, it may feel odd to say that specific vocabulary standards are important in the field of facility maintenance. In reality, it is perhaps even more important to have maintenance vocabulary standards, as they are necessary for technicians to be able to understand each other, workers to be able to communicate with managers, and for the smooth operation of all facility maintenance projects and practices.


Standard vocabulary improves communication.


It should come as no surprise that having a vocabulary standard improves the ability of maintenance technicians to communicate with management and other technicians. When a maintenance project is in need of completion, it is much easier to be able to relay the scopes of the project between parties if everyone is using the same terminology. The same is true when in the midst of a project and issues arise. If a technician needs to call the help of another or order extra parts, being able to convey the specifics of it in a standard way are massively helpful.


Standard vocabulary increases efficiency.


Additionally, using a maintenance vocabulary standard increases the efficiency of the maintenance task. Similarly to how communication is boosted, if this speech can be brought to action, tasks can be completed faster and more effectively. If technicians understand what managers are talking about and vice versa, there is a reduced risk of error due to miscommunication. Moreover, the specifics of jobs can be communicated more easily and therefore tasks can be completed exactly as they need to be. Proper vocabulary promotes good preventative maintenance practices as well, as the right checks will be done on the right equipment much more regularly.


Maintenance vocabulary standards are completely necessary for efficient maintenance projects, but if you don’t understand all of the terminology yet, that’s okay. At MaintenX we are experienced in facility maintenance and therefore have all the skills to help you understand your facility’s needs and meet all projects efficiently and with open communication. To learn more about our services, please feel free to call us any time at (855) 751-0075.


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