Why More High Schoolers Should Consider Technical School

High schoolers today are more likely than ever to enroll in a university immediately upon graduation. Opportunities and scholarships are readily available for many high school graduates, and student loans have made it possible for those who could not otherwise afford college to receive higher education. While this may seem like a natural next step in career development, there are other options for high schoolers who aren’t sure if college is the best next step. 

Technical college, or trade school, is becoming more popular among high school graduates for many reasons. While students may feel discouraged from only doing two years of college, there are many benefits that should be highlighted when pursuing a trade school degree. You may find that trade school is the right choice for you in numerous ways. 

Lower cost of education. 

Student loans have made it easier for students to obtain Bachelor’s degrees; however, they come with a cost. The average Bachelor’s degree, when financed through student loans, will cost upward of $150,000 if they are paid off within 10 years. By comparison, technical school degrees cost approximately $40,000 when financed through student loans. A savings of over $100,000 cannot be ignored, especially when career success after college is not guaranteed. 

Entering the workforce early. 

While universities are set up to have students graduate within four years, the data shows that over 60% of students take more than four years to complete their degrees. By comparison, most technician school students are able to finish their degrees within two years, meaning they can start earning within their industry much faster. You will not only be earning sooner but will be able to gain real-world experience in your field that is equally valuable as your education in many cases. 

Lower dropout rate. 

A college degree can certainly do wonders for your career, but only if you finish. And unfortunately, the data concluded that for 40% of college students, that is not the reality. Many students drop out before finishing their degrees, leaving them with years lost in workforce experience and thousands of dollars of student loan debt that doesn’t go away. Trade schools, on the other hand, have much lower dropout rates because the time required to complete a degree is much shorter and hands-on experience is much easier to gain. 

Job security. 

Many courses offered in trade schools are jobs with highly stable trajectories. For example, it is nearly impossible to outsource HVAC maintenance, mechanic work, or cosmetology jobs overseas or achieve the same results with technology. These jobs require the human hand and mind, which means they will always be in demand. Unlike the liberal arts or humanities, these jobs are immediately practical and will help you stay employed even during hard times. 

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