Winter Break Maintenance Checklist for Your School

School campuses take a significant beating during the fall and spring, and with a lack of general funding for many public institutions, infrastructure maintenance can be difficult to manage. However, the buildings on campus need proper care and maintenance in order to foster a welcoming learning environment. This is especially true if you have an older campus with aging HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. 


MaintenX helps schools and commercial facilities prepare for high volume with routine maintenance services and preventative care. If you are typically too swamped during the school for maintenance scheduling, knock out these simple tasks during the upcoming winter break: 


HVAC cleaning and heater maintenance

By the time you’re back from winter break, you’ll be using the heating system on a regular basis (if you’re not already). Prepare for this on winter break by giving your HVAC system a thorough cleaning and scheduling a routine tune-up for your heaters. 


Check for leaks, cracks, and other minor damages to your interior and roof. 

Fixing cracked sheetrock, leaky faucets, and minor mildew spots in the ceiling can be a pain when school is in session. It often disrupts classrooms and can be difficult to schedule before normal hours end. However, winter break is the perfect time to make these minor repairs all at once. 


Hydro jetting service

School campuses often experience clogged drains, either from young students flushing down non-flushable products or from root growth in outdoor areas of the campus. Therefore, it’s important to schedule regular hydro jetting services to ensure you don’t have a pipe burst or a major blockage during school hours. 


Kitchen deep clean

Your campus kitchen is one of the most chaotic areas of the campus during school hours. It can be difficult to schedule routine cleaning during regular hours, so winter break is the perfect time to get in there and clean all of your appliances. A thorough cleaning of the floors and ventilation system will also greatly improve the look and functionality of your kitchen and cafeteria.

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