How Preventative Maintenance Can Raise Your CSI Scores

If you manage a retail store, dealership, or other customer-oriented business, customer satisfaction index scores are essential to measuring performance. These measurements can help you determine how well your sales, marketing, and yes, even how your maintenance department is performing. Every element of your business operations is scrutinized by the customer, so it’s important to make the right impression every single time. 


Maintenance is one of the often underlooked elements of the CSI score that you should rethink if you’re receiving customer complaints. Out-of-order bathrooms, dirty floors, low-performing air conditioning, and a disheveled landscape can all contribute to your business’ overall low CSI score, even if you have a stellar sales team and marketing plan. 


If you want to improve the look and functionality of your business, these three maintenance services can exponentially raise your overall CSI performance: 


Plan seasonal landscaping.

Customers like to see landscaping that looks inviting and lush, especially if you have an outdoor showroom. By investing in a landscaping service that will change plants with the season and keep grass looking bright and trim, you can impress customers as soon as they drive into the lot.


Invest in an energy-efficient HVAC system. 

No matter what type of commercial facility you operate, you want customers and employees to be comfortable year-round. A facility that is too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter will leave a bad impression on customers and deter them from taking their time shopping. By investing in a quality HVAC system you can improve CSI scores and save money on your power bill. 


Schedule regular restroom maintenance. 

Restrooms can make a strong impression on guests, either in a positive or negative way. If you have leaky faucets, clogged pipes, dim lighting, or the scent of mildew due to water damage, you can guarantee CSI scores will be lower than if you have a clean, fully functional, and aesthetically pleasing restroom. Schedule plumbing and electrical maintenance frequently and make bathroom cleaning a priority to ensure you never make a bad impression with guests. 


Better customer relationships lead to better business. If you want to make your facility more impressive to guests, more energy-efficient, and more functional for employees, partner with MaintenX for preventative maintenance care. We work hard to ensure your facility is in peak condition no matter what. Contact your local team today to learn more about your options with us.

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