4 Steps to Take to Maintain Your Fire Protection System

It is very important to have strong fire protection elements in any building, regardless of the size or space. Although all companies are required to have fire inspections, there are still maintenance duties you can complete yourself to ensure that your fire protection system is always working. Keep reading to discover easy steps to maintaining your company’s fire safety.

Maintain your Sprinklers

One of the first steps that you can take to maintain your fire protection system is to optimize the sprinklers. It’s your responsibility to keep your sprinklers up to date and up to code. In the event of an emergency, your sprinklers are crucial to putting out a fire. It’s also important to never block sprinklers. Do not place tall objects near a sprinkler head and never paint over sprinkler heads.

Check Fire Alarms

Your system and alarm equipment are both important when it comes to notifying you of a potential threat. Your alarms should be tested regularly to ensure they are working properly. Simply pressing the “test” button on your alarm system will allow you to showcase the system is in working order throughout your facility. It is also helpful to keep the alarm sensors dusted and dirt-free.

Test Smoke Detectors

Similarly, smoke detectors are vital when it comes to indicating a fire threat. Replace your batteries regularly and keep the detectors clean. Be sure to never paint over your detectors either. There should be at least one smoke detector on every floor of your building, including a basement level. These devices should never be installed near windows or vents.

Maintain Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers give you the opportunity to stop a fire before it has a chance to spread. Educating your employees on how to use a fire extinguisher is very important. To make sure your extinguisher stays in working condition, make sure the nozzle is not damaged or dented, check to see if the pin is intact and frequently check the pressure to make sure it’s at the recommended level.

You don’t want your fire protection system to fail if a fire breaks out at your facility. These maintenance tips will ensure that your system is working when you need it to most.