How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Business

Although bugs are small, they can have a big impact on your business or facility. It’s important to take proper precautions with your pest control to avoid a financial loss or damaged reputation to your company. In order to help keep bugs out of your business, here are a few tips to stop critters in their tracks.

Dispose of Garbage

Your facility needs to have a suitable garbage management system. All garbage cans on scene should have a closable lid and should be taken out on a regular basis to prevent the attraction of bugs. Dumpsters should also be emptied regularly.

Seal Cracks

It’s important to prevent bugs from getting into your business in the first place. Seal all cracks and crevices in your building’s structure with caulk. Be certain to cover entry points for pipes as well, as this can be an additional way critters can creep in.

Line Doors and Windows

Another way to proactively keep bugs out of your business is to line all doors and windows with weather stripping. This will help prevent unwanted critters from slipping through the cracks. Weather stripping is an inexpensive option and is easy to install.

Change Mop Heads

Damp mop heads can be an ideal environment for bugs, such as fruit flies. To make sure your cleaning supplies don’t cause a bug infestation, change your mop heads regularly. To lengthen the life of your mop head, let it dry fully by hanging it upside down in your storage closet.

Hire the Professionals

Finally, it can’t hurt to bring in the professionals. Hire a pest control company to walk around your facility and inspect for any pest activity. They will be able to spot any particular areas in your building that are prone to critters or bugs. The pros will also spray the parameter with repellent to deter bugs from entering your premises. Be sure this team is well-versed in commercial pest control.  

Bugs can become quite the pests in your building or facility. With these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to keep critters out of your company.