4 Ways To Detect HVAC Issues Early On

Facility managers are under a great deal of pressure to cut costs and eliminate downtime whenever possible. Equipment failures, especially in crucial appliances like the HVAC unit, are unacceptable when you’re managing operations for a large facility of tens or hundreds of staff members. In order to eliminate the problem of unexpected downtime, many facility managers are investing in predictive maintenance as their primary solutions. 

Your HVAC unit is an often overlooked but nevertheless vital part of your facility’s operational efficiency. In extremely warm or cold climates, employees cannot work without proper heating and air conditioning. Ventilation is also required for offices and work spaces to reduce indoor air pollution and contaminants exposed to your staff. If your HVAC unit broke down, even for a few hours, you would have to release employees and stop production for the day. This is a facility manager’s worst nightmare. 

However, there are several simple ways in which you can prevent HVAC maintenance issues before they result in failures. A MaintenX technician can help you spot these four warning signs with regular predictive and preventative maintenance checks:

Leaking and water damage 

If you notice a leak coming from the AC unit, you could have one of two problems on your hands. Either the refrigerant in your unit is leaking, which can be a serious health hazard, or the drain tube that disposes of condensation is leaking. Refrigerant leaks are serious and should be taken care of immediately by a professional. A leaking drain tube is not necessarily an emergency, but can cause mold or rusting if not addressed. If you notice a leak or water damage near your AC, call your MaintenX technician to perform a diagnosis. 

Compressor issues 

During the summertime, your AC is working overtime to keep the building cool. In older units, this can cause issues with your AC’s compressor. You can detect when a compressor is running inefficiently because it will not be able to cool your facility at the temperature set by the thermostat. The building will be warmer than what you set, especially in the middle of the day when the air outside is warmest. If the compressor is at its life’s end, it may even distribute warm air during the day. If your AC unit cannot cool your facility, no matter how long it runs, it’s time to call your MaintenX technician to repair or replace the part. 


Because of the moisture in your AC’s ductwork, evaporator coils, and drip pans, mold can eventually develop inside the unit. This can pose serious health risks if the mold is not spotted by an HVAC technician early on. You may be able to see the mold around the vents or can smell the mildew around the unit. If this is the case, contact MaintenX immediately to resolve the issue. 

Prevent it all with predictive maintenance

You can prevent most HVAC problems when you schedule regular predictive and preventative maintenance checks with your technician. A MaintenX technician will be able to detect and diagnose issues before they become health risks to your staff or risks to your building’s productivity. According to the New Building Institute, predictive maintenance technology can save you as much as $1 per square foot in energy and maintenance expenditures. These savings add up and can put more money in your pocket for the future of your business. 

Contact MaintenX today to learn about our predictive and preventative maintenance services for HVAC units.