Energy-Efficiency Loan Options for Small Businesses

Energy efficiency is a hot topic in the corporate world for many reasons. It is the key to long-term sustainability for our economy, as well as for individual enterprises looking to stay on the cutting edge. Green businesses not only positively impact the environment, they also cut costs and reinvest savings into innovation. If you believe in the future of your company, investing in energy efficiency is paramount to success. 

The money you save with green technology not only makes for better profit margins but can position your brand in a new way to consumers. However, finding the initial capital to switch to energy-efficient machinery and energy inputs can be tricky. When choosing between the long-term benefits of green technology and the immediate benefits of new product releases, marketing investment, or hiring new staff, you can guess what most businesses will choose. 

It is for this reason that many states, municipalities, and private lending companies offer low-interest loan programs for commercial energy upgrades. These loans can be used to purchase energy-efficient equipment for your facility. You may even be able to make loan payments as part of your monthly power bill. These initiatives make it easier than ever to go green for your company. The states have a special interest in energy efficiency programs for the environmental impact they can provide. But, why should business owners and facility managers be mindful of their energy use?

Benefits of Energy Efficiency for Your Business:

  • Your bottom line – When you choose to upgrade to energy-efficient equipment, you can reduce your overall operating costs. If you are renting the facility, energy-efficient upgrades can increase property value and therefore justify an increase in rental rates.
  • Your brand positioning – Today’s consumers are more invested in brand image and impact than in previous decades. A green company is more marketable to environmentally-conscientious consumers, and can even raise prices because of their positive brand image. Green companies also receive more positive media attention than those only meeting minimum requirements. 
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint – Going green isn’t just right for your business, it’s also the right thing for your future. Future generations of your family and business will reap the benefits of the changes you make today by reducing CO2 emissions.

MaintenX is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and we like to help our local clients find green energy initiatives they can take advantage of in the area. We encourage Tampa businesses to take advantage of the Tampa Electric Commercial Energy Efficiency Utility Rebate Program. 

This program offers rebates for heat recovery and duct repair if businesses meet certain energy efficiency requirements with their heat recovery, lighting, insulation, HVAC, and other onsite equipment. If you are a Tampa business owner, take some time to look into the program and what your facility requires before it is eligible. If you are in another state that MaintenX serves, contact your local team to find out if there are similar offers near you. 

MaintenX helps small businesses and corporations across the U.S. find energy-efficient alternatives for their everyday facility equipment. If you are interested in our installation services for green technologies, contact us today!