5 Common Summer Facility Maintenance Projects

For many parts of the country, the summertime is a season of fun and enjoyment, but it is also a time to complete some of the home or business maintenance projects that may be too difficult or time-consuming for the rest of the year. In addition to convenience, there are some maintenance projects that are best to complete during the summer. Here are some of the most common projects that businesses and homeowners engage in during the hot summer months.

HVAC System

One important summer facility maintenance project is the renovation or upgrading of the air conditioning system. During the summer, it is common to consistently run the HVAC system, especially in warmer parts of the country. This means right before the summer, is the perfect time to perform minor maintenance on the HVAC system to prevent it from breaking down or causing problems when it is needed most.

Windows and Roof

Pollen and dust can be particularly bad during the summer months, so outdoor cleaning is more pressing. It is easier to perform heavy cleaning or power washing when it is sunny and warm than when it is cold or snowy. Windows and roofs are particularly important to clean during these months, as they tend to collect the most dirt.

Flood Protection

When the summer rains come your way, you want to be sure that your facility can handle it. While flooding is somewhat rare, you still want to be sure that your facility has safety measures in place to block out flood water and fix any leaks or problems that would allow unwanted water to enter.


Summer rains wreak havoc on your landscaping. If the rains are heavy, and grass and plants are growing quickly, additional lawn work may be necessary to ensure that the exterior of the facility is being well maintained and doesn’t look overgrown. On the flip side, if there is not enough rain, you want to bolster the lawn so that it doesn’t look barren and unattractive.


Finally, the summer is a good time to invest in the ventilation system of your facility. This is different from the HVAC system in that ventilation systems promote good air flow rather than manipulate temperature. Installing new ceiling fans, for example, is a popular choice.

Whatever your summer maintenance plan may be, MaintenX has the skills to help you accomplish the task. With over 30-years of experience, MaintenX technicians will have your facility set for the summer – and all year round. Contact us at any time to learn more about we can help.