3 Best Facility Maintenance Practices

Being a facility manager is not always an easy job. It takes skill, dedication, patience, and experience to truly excel in this industry and it can take time to learn the trade. However, there are a number of facility maintenance practices that you can implement right now to maximize efficiency and accelerate your professional growth.

One of the best facility maintenance practices is developing a schedule for performing preventative maintenance. The mark of a great manager is not necessarily the ability to deal with problems as they arise, but the ability to prevent problems from happening before occur. Preventative maintenance is the first step to take to help prevent catastrophic problems from arising. It is more efficient and cost-effective to routinely perform minor fixes than it is to make a major emergency repair on a facility part or piece of equipment.

Another excellent facility maintenance practice is to surround yourself with a team that is prepared to assist you through any challenges you may face. Take the time to train employees to be able to handle different aspects of facility maintenance and help run the facility with you. It is more efficient to split the work among many people than to take it all on yourself. If you are not a business that staffs a maintenance team, consider partnering with a maintenance company that you can trust.

Finally, be proactive with facility upgrades to reduce costly breakages or equipment failures. While many facility improvements are contingent on budget, it is important to be aware of what upgrades will be necessary and prioritize them accordingly. If you know a certain piece of equipment is nearing its end of life, replace it now before it fails and causes unnecessary downtime. This applies for parts of the building as well as the equipment in it.

Becoming a skilled facility manager takes time and determination, but you don’t have to do it alone. At MaintenX, we are here help you use facility management best practices and execute any projects you have planned. Contact us to learn more.