5 Things Every Security System Needs

An important aspect of facility preparation is security. While you may not necessarily house “high-end” materials, it doesn’t always protect you from burglary or vandalism. Thankfully, there are many things facility managers can do to bolster security systems and protect their facility.

More than Alarms

A security system should be more than just alarms that activate when an intruder is detected. Advancements have allowed security systems to perform numerous functions to help keep your facility safe. Some of the more popular systems alert law enforcement and can even notify users about environmental dangers, such as toxic gases or dangerous temperatures.


The best security systems alert facility managers about intruders and take measures to prevent those intruders from getting in. Systems that trigger a lockdown procedure can notify you of a breach and prevent a burglary from escalating.

Backup Power

In the event of a power outage, you want your facility’s security system to be properly functioning. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a system that is able to run on batteries or on backup generators, depending on the electrical system in the facility, so that even if the power is out, your facility can still be safe.

Asset Protection

While a security system is meant to protect the whole facility, you are also able to install asset protection devices to monitor specific parts of the facility. These parts may be certain kinds of equipment, safes or areas that have more valuable property. Asset protection systems can discourage a thief from committing a crime altogether. But should a theft occur, the system alerts can help during the investigation.

Preventative Maintenance

The best thing that you can do to ensure a facility security system is in proper working order is to schedule regular preventative maintenance. It does no good to have a system that breaks down or fails when you need it most. Have it inspected regularly so that any anomalies or minor fixes can be dealt with then the system is not in use.

At MaintenX, we know the value of a good security system and can easily help you install and maintain one. To learn more about how we can use over 30-years of experience to help your business facility be as safe as it can be, please contact us at any time.