Green Technologies that are Actually NOT Green

The concept of “going green” is popular with business owners and facility managers across the country. Unfortunately, not all green technologies are created equal, and some are much better at reducing your environmental impact than others. It is important to be aware of these inconsistencies so that you are installing systems that truly help your facility go green.

One item that gained popularity was a lightbulb that could last for 15 years. It sounds too good to be true – because it is; such a lightbulb was never invented, although prototypes were tried. Be aware that lightbulbs may not last as long or save as much technology as you assume. Always read reviews and fact-check marketing material when looking for the right kind of energy efficient lighting for your facility.

Water-based appliances can also over-sell their ability to protect the environment. There are a number of energy-saving washing machines, faucets, and toilets on the market. It can be helpful to do research when shopping for appliances that are meant to be environmentally and economically friendly to ensure you’re buying a product that does what it says.

Finally, even though an appliance may be certifiably “green,” it is important that you practice green behaviors in your facility. For example, you may be using longer-lasting light bulbs, but if you leave the lights on at all times, you are still likely wasting energy. In this scenario, a lighting system with motion sensors would be better suited for helping the environment and cutting down on energy costs.

At MaintenX, we value the environment and that many facility owners want to be more eco-friendly. We can help you go green by installing updated technologies and performing preventive maintenance. To learn more about the services we offer and what we can do for your facility, please feel free to contact us at any time.